Surgery for Graves eye disease

This patient required correction for bulging eyes after Graves disease.

Dr Anthony Maloof offered and undertook stereotactic orbital decompression to the left eye socket.

So what is stereotactic surgery?

This is one amazing piece of technology that allows the surgeon (me) to operate with sub-millimetre accuracy.

Have a close look to the image, and note the appearance of a skull.

Stealth CT used for surgery of Graves eye disease.
Stealth CT Image used in Stereotactic Surgery of Graves eye disease.

Note the green ring around the left eye socket and sinuses….that is a zone of 0.8mm accuracy, as indicated on the right of the screen.

Sub-millimetre accuracy to perform decompression of the eye socket is how to minimize the risk of collateral damage.

With this technology, decompression surgery has gone from difficult and painful taking many hours and requiring hospital stay, to a seamless and almost painless day procedure that takes around 1 hour.

It is also a much more reliable way to push the eyeball back into the socket.

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