What you can do

The most important thing is to recognize that something is wrong. Typical early symptoms include puffiness and watering of the eyes. At this early stage, it is usually misdiagnosed as “allergies”, and you will be offered allergy treatment. A lack of improvement to these allergy treatments is a pointer that something else is going on.

Be in touch with how you feel and how your body feels. If you aren’t sleeping well, eating well, becoming tired or over-energetic, something is wrong: have your family doctor run some tests and don’t be afraid to seek out a second opinion.

Accept that this won’t settle quickly, and you will need to put in a bit of effort. Ensure you eat a good diet, rest, and don’t let it go and think it will improve, it usually gets worse.

During your consultation, we explain the role of nutrition and simple treatments to bring Graves and Hashimotos disease under control.