Whats going on

During an infection your body mounts an immune response to get rid of a foreign organism. The basis for the immune response is inflammation, and inflammation causes symptoms; it causes the runny nose and flush we experience during a cough or cold. The body can also mount an immune response to itself; this is called an autoimmune disease.

Hashimotos and Graves’ disease are autoimmune diseases that target the thyroid gland, skin, and eye sockets. This affects functioning of the thyroid gland, skin and eye sockets, which is why sufferers are referred to endocrinologists, dermatologists and orbital surgeons. Dr Maloof specializes in disease of the orbits.

Overcoming autoimmune requires a multipronged approach that includes specialty treatment, your family doctor and yourself. If Hashimotos and Graves’ disease are caught and treated early, you won’t suffer the facial disfiguration of these diseases.