Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery

The type of repair depends on the size, location and depth of the wound, which can only be determined after Mohs surgery. The Mohs reconstruction will also vary depending on skin type or loss of function, like damage to the tear drain. Dr Maloof reconstructs the area to restore both function and appearance. Dr Maloof aims for a repair invisible to the naked eye once healing has settled and gives priority to preservation of the eye and sight. Whilst larger holes are more likely to affect function and delay the final aesthetic recovery, even small cancer in a difficult place can affect function. Once the Mohs defect is reconstructed, the body’s wound healing takes over. Healing varies person to person, and the appearance will change dramatically over the following months with healing.

Where is Mohs surgery performed?

Dr Anthony Maloof is a Visiting Medical Officer and adviser at the medical advisory committee at the Skin Hospital, which provides NSW with an excellent Mohs surgery service. Where possible, we try to coordinate both the skin cancer removal and Mohs reconstruction on the same day at The Skin Hospital.